FREE Trail - 2 Day Gym Pass for new visitors

DIY – $40.00 per fortnight

Provides access to all facilities and a wide range of modern gym equipment during trading hours.

SGPT – $50.00 per fortnight

Small Group Personal Training (SGPT) - 1hr group sessions held every trading day, up to four times per day

1-on-1 Training – $65.00

Personal Training for 1 hour, to work with you to correct any injuries or achieve goals you never thought possible

Corporate Rates - on request

Looking to get fit with your colleagues? Or an employer looking to offer your staff added incentive for their job?


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Membership Options

Membership OptionFree 2 day PassDo It Yourself AccessPersonal TrainingTrain with a FriendSmall Group TrainingStrength for Life 50+
Inclusions and CostFREE$40 per Fortnight$65 per Session$45 per Session$50 per Fortnight$7 per Session
Discount for 10 Sessions
Access to all equipment and facilities
Free Filtered water
Parking at rear
Access to Fitness Instructor
Small Group Training Classes
Free Gym Towel
Personalised assessment
Personal Trainer
• Personalised training plan
• One on One training Sessions
Group Fitness Instructor
• Tailored Class Instructor
• Programme & Class structure

DIY - $40 per fortnight

Access to all facilities and equipment and with someone always around to help and advise.

  • Access to gym facilities during trading hours
  • Access to a wide range of modern gym equipment.
  • A full range of pin loaded machine weights, plus hammer strength dumbbells, plate weights and bars.
  • Whatever your kind of workout, we can help.

SGPT - $50 per fortnight

Small Group Personal Training (SGPT) - 1 hr group sessions up to four times per day, unlimited times per week.

Includes all features of DIY membership PLUS

  • Core strength, flexibility, cardiovascular and strength training
  • Tone up while improving your aerobic fitness
  • They are great if you are looking for a social side to fitness
  • A trainer to provide individual attention and service

Personal Training – $65.00 for the hour

Our 1-on-1 personal training option is perfect if you are looking for the best results and to feel great.

  • After some more personalised service?
  • Have an old injury or just a niggle that won’t go away?
  • Want to correct any injuries or achieve goals you never thought possible?

Program Writing – $65.00

Individualised Training Programs – Fit For Success can write you a personalised scientific program to meet your individual goals and needs, no matter what your age or fitness level.

Train with a Friend - $45 each

Have a friend you wish to train with?

Get great personalised service, have fun while getting fit and it is cheaper than training by yourself.

Strength for Life 50+

Fit for Success is a Tier 2 Partner of the COTA Strength for Life (SFL) program (find us listed HERE).

The SFL program promotes health and well-being amongst people over 50 through strength training programs run by accredited fitness providers.

  • Tier 2 involves fitness instructors conducting the program and confidently managing participants' long term needs.
  • Some funds now pay benefits if program is conducted by fitness instructors.

Corporate Packages

If you appreciate that the health and fitness of your employees is mutually beneficial, Fit For Success have corporate rates to suit every kind of business, from small to large firms.

  • Are you and your colleagues looking to get fit together?
  • Are you an employer looking to offer your staff added incentive for their job?

We can cater for all sized groups and the bigger the group, the more you save.

Call or drop in to Fit For Success to discuss a suitable corporate rate for you and your work.

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