At Fit For Success we pride ourselves on creating a relaxed and friendly environment where our qualified and experienced trainers will work with you to help you achieve your goals for health and fitness.

The basic Gym requirements of changing areas, shower and toilet facilities are complimented by a comfortable air conditioned space with natural lighting and plentiful supplies of free filtered water.

We offer a range of equipment and facilities to suit any fitness training need.


Smith machine
Dip and chin up machine
Benches, cones and steps Punching bag and gloves
Medicine and Slammer balls
TRX and rings for functional training
Bous / Balance boards and pads
Ankle  and vest weights
Resistance bands & Pilates accessories
Assistance bands

Cardiovascular Equipment
• Treadmills
• Rowing machines etc

Free weights
• Barbells
• Dumb bells etc

Resistance Training Machines
• Chest press machines
• Lat pull down
• Leg press etc

Cable machine
• Chin up bar
• Functional training accessories etc

Fit Balls
Skipping ropes
Tyre / ropes and accessories
Stop watch and timers
Scales and tape measures
Foam rollers & Pressure point balls
Stretching facilities
Clipboards and folders
Floor mats