Barbara’s Story


Hullo, my name is Barbara and this is my story of how Fit For Success have helped me overcome long standing issues with my weight and poor health. 

I was always an overweight child and struggled to lose weight. Always teased at school which gave me no motivation to participate in sport as I was laughed at.

As I grew older I had very low self-esteem and became very introverted and apprehensive to go out as I had become embarrassed about my size. Being only 5 ft 2 and over weight I seem to always be the butt of jokes. I had tried to lose weight even to the point of a gastric bypass which only lasted a short time and then I put most of the weight back on.

When I’d just turned 18, I was involved in a near fatal accident with multiple injuries and not expected to live. By this time I had become rather stubborn and bitter and wanted to prove they were long. Obviously I survived with a long hard haul to learn to walk again and prove to doctors I would leave the hospital on my own two feet. I succeeded.

I still had problems with my weight. I got married in the interim and had two children. There has been a lot of stress in my life over the last couple of years and this started me losing weight. When I saw what was happening I was determined to continue and work hard to lose the weight and get back my self-esteem and feel good about myself.

I am now nearly 61 and have started training hard and changed my eating habits and even after a few weeks, I can see the change in my size. I am feeling good about myself and have so much more energy. So even at my age with the right motivation and hard work you can achieve your goals. I still have a long way to go but now I feel I can achieve it.

Never give up. If you really want something you can do it with the right trainer and exercise and changing your eating habits and a positive attitude you can achieve anything.